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Nov 27 2016

Christmas Discount for all Barcode studio versions. Prices are common, but until 31 January 2017 pay them 40% discount

After this date revert to previous prices (prices in Order page are original, but when you register you get a discount.)

Note : In February 2017 we plan publish new version of Barcode studio 2017. Registered users get free.

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Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.

Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.


Eval library

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Advantages :

  • You can try our software before you buy
  • Unlimited numbers of copy our trial software
  • Time for try our trial version isn't limited

Limitations :

  • Only partial source code... main units only in precompiled version (dcu files)
  • No support, but of course constructive comments welcome
  • Trial versions can contain NAG screen : display window about our company, in registered version is this window of course removed

After registration/order

  • You receive full source code
  • Full email support
Function parser with user interface for design functions and conditions specified at runtime. Converts mathematical, string, date, goniometric, financial functions given as a string (y='sin(x)*sqrt(x+5)') and its argumets into the function value. Run-time database filters, end user friendly inteface.
Basic component is completed with more visual components. End user interface can have user friendly input of expressions and conditions, so, that final user doesn't have to know syntax of individual functions. There is a component to disposition too, which enables simple registry created expressions and conditions and their again exploitation without necessary again putting information's.

Advantages :
  • about 200 supported functions
  • extended functions:
    • Find text with errors
    • Extended goniometric functions
    • More functions working with date & time
  • runtime specified expressions
  • runtime specified calculated fields
  • more flexible than standard TTable.Filter or SQL clause where
  • nice user interface
  • composite functions

Disadvantage: Because Eval library is interpreter, execution time is 8-10x longer than compiled code. But for end user interface, calculators, grids this is very fast.

Component list :

Basic component of TEval library. Analyze string in TEval.Expression and you can read result using TEval methods Value, AsBoolean, AsDateTime, AsString, AsFloat, AsInteger, AsVariant.
Same as TEval, but can you use for more expressions, you can use same parameters for each expression.