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Sep 20 2017

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Function list supported by EVAL library.
Numeric functions
Goniometric & geometric
File's functions
Text functions
Date & time
Financial functions
Converter functions
Other functions
Functions under contruction    

Operators (16)

+Plus, counting the arguments (number or text)
andLogical and operation, valid if valid all arguments
orLogical or operation, valid if valid at least one argument
xorLogical xor operation , valid if all arguments are different
>Major than
>=Major or straight than
<Less than
<=Less or straight than
notNo (logical negation)
modA residual after dividing
divIntegral dividing

Text functions (40)

ContainTest, if first string occur in second string.
AnsiCompareStrAnsiCompareStr compares strings based on the current Windows locale and is case sensitive.
AnsiCompareTextAnsiCompareText compares strings based on the current Windows locale and is not case sensitive.
ConcatConcat concatenates two or more strings into one.
CopyCopy returns a substring of a string.
DeleteDelete removes a substring from a s string.
InsertInsert inserts a substring into a string beginning at a specified point.
ReplaceReplace searches for specific text and replaces it with new text.
LengthLength returns the number of characters used in a string.
PosPos returns the index value of the first character in a specified substring that occurs in a given string.
StringOfCharStringOfChar returns a string with the specified number of characters.
LowerCaseLowerCase converts an ASCII string to lowercase.
UpperCaseUpperCase returns a string in uppercase.
AnsiLowerCaseAnsiLowerCase converts the given string to lower case.
AnsiUpperCaseAnsiLowerCase converts the given string to upper case.
TrimTrim trims a string of leading and trailing spaces and control characters.
trimleftTrimLeft trims string of leading spaces and control characters.
TrimRightTrimRight trims string of trailing spaces and control characters.
PosWithErrorSearch a text in the another text with mistakes and faults
StringAnywhereSearch a text in all fields of the table
AnsiStringAnywhereSearch a text in all fields of the table also with diacritical
CompareStrCompareStr compares strings case sensitively.
CompareTextCompareText compares strings by ordinal value and is not case sensitive.
QuotedStrQuotedStr returns the quoted version of a string.
AnsiQuotedStrAnsiQuotedStr returns the quoted version of a string.
AnsiExtractQuotedStrAnsiExtractQuotedStr converts a quoted string into an unquoted string.
AnsiPosAnsiPos locates the position of a substring within a string.
BeforeReturns the text situated in front of specific note.
AfterReturns the text situated behind specific note.
StringLeftReturns the text in a definite length left.
StringRightReturns the text in a definite length forward.
ChrChr returns the character for a specified ASCII value.
OrdOrd returns the ordinal value of an ordinal-type expression.
DelCharsDelete definite expressions from the text.
CenterCentring the text for definite number of chars.
MatchStringsCompares a texts with using ? and *
WordCountCounting, how many words contains the text.
GetWordReturns the word according to definite order.
CapitalizeFirstLetterChanges the first letter of everyone word to uppercase, and the rest to lowercase.
SoundLikeCompares, if is same in english the sounds of two words.

Numeric functions(30)

AbsAbs returns an absolute value.
FracFrac returns the fractional part of a real number.
TruncTrunc truncates a real number to an integer.
RoundRound returns the value of X rounded to the nearest whole number.
HiHi returns the high-order byte of X as an unsigned value.
IntInt returns the integer part of a real number.
LnLn returns the natural log of a real expression.
LoLo returns the low order Byte of argument X.
OddOdd returns True if argument is an odd number.
RandomRandom generates random numbers within a specified range.
SqrSqr returns X squared
SqrtSqrt returns the square root of X.
MinMin returns a minimum value of arguments
MaxMax returns a maximum value of arguments
ExpExp returns the exponential of X.
PIPi returns 3.1415926535897932385.
LNPX1LnXP1 returns the natural log of (X+1)
Log10Log10 calculates log base 10.
Log2Log2 calculates log base 2.
LogNLogN calculates log base N.
IntPowerIntPower calculates Base to the power of Exponent.
PowerPower raises Base to any power.
MantissaMantissa separates the Mantissa of X
ExponentExponent separates the Exponents of X
LDExpLdexp calculates X * (2P)
CeilCeil rounds variables up.
FloorFloor rounds variables down.
Signif X>0 returns 1, if X=0 return 0, else returns -1.
FaktorialReturns N*(N-1)*(N-2)* ...*2*1
PermutationReturns number of combinations of N over K.

Date & Time(24)

DateDate gets the current date.
DayOfWeekDayOfWeek returns the day of the week for a specified date.
EncodeDateEncodeDate returns a TDateTime type for a specified Year, Month, and Day.
EncodeTimeEncodeTime returns a TDateTime type for a specified Hour, Min, Sec, and MSec.
FormatDateTimeFormatDateTime formats a date-and-time value.
YearYear returns a Year for a specified DateTime
MonthMonth returns a Month for a specified DateTime
DayDay returns a Day for a specified DateTime
WeekWeek returns a Week number from beginning of the Year for a specified DateTime
CenturyCentury returns a century for a specified DateTime
MonthNameReturns a month in roman type for a specified date
MonthNameLongReturns full name of the month for a specified date
DayNameReturns short name of the day for a specified date
DayNameLongReturns full name of the day for a specified date
TimeTime returns the current time.
NowNow returns the current date and time.
IncMonthIncMonth returns a date shifted by a specified number of months.
IncDaysIncMonth returns a date shifted by a specified number of days.
IsLeapYearIsLeapYear indicates whether a specified year is a leap year.
DaysInMonthReturns number of the days in the month by a specified date.
DaysBetweenReturns number of a days between two dates.
HourReturns a hour (00-23) for a specified time.
MinuteReturns a minuts (00-59) for a specified time.
SecondReturns a seconds (00-59) for a specified time.

Goniometric & Geometric(23)

SinSin returns the sine of the angle in radians.
CosCos calculates the cosine of an angle.
TanTan returns the tangent of X.
CoTanCotan calculates the cotangent of an angle.
ArcSinArcSin calculates the inverse sine of the given number.
ArcCosArcCos calculates the inverse cosine of the given number.
ArcTanArcTan calculates the arctangent of the given number.
ArcTan2ArcTan2 calculates the arctangent angle and quadrant of the given number.
HypotHypot calculates the length of the hypotenuse.
DegToRadDegToRad returns the value of a degree measurement expressed in radians.
RadToDegRadToDeg converts radians to degrees.
GradToRadGradToRad converts grad measurements to radians.
RadToGradRadToGrad converts radians to grads.
CycleToRadCycleToRad converts an angle measurement from cycles to radians.
RadToCycleRadToCycle converts radians to cycles.
CosHCosh calculates the hyperbolic cosine of an angle.
SinHSinh returns the hyperbolic sine of an angle.
TanHTanh returns the hyperbolic tangent of X.
ArcCosHArcCosh calculates the inverse hyperbolic cosine of the given number.
ArcSinHArcSinh calculates the inverse hyperbolic sine of the given number.
ArcTanHArcTanh calculates the inverse hyperbolic tangent of the given number.
CircleOReturns circumference of a circle.
CirclePReturns content of a circle.

Financial functions(10)

DoubleDecliningBalanceDoubleDecliningBalance calculates the depreciation of an asset using the double-declining balance method.
FutureValueFutureValue calculates the future value of an investment.
InterestPaymentInterestPayment calculates the interest portion of a loan payment.
InterestRateInterestRate returns the interest rate required to increase PresentValue to FutureValue.
NumberOfPeriodsNumberOfPeriods returns the number of payment periods for an investment.
PaymentPayment calculates a fully amortized payment.
PeriodPaymentPeriodPayment returns the principal amount from a full payment.
PresentValuePresentValue calculates the present value of an investment.
SLNDepreciationSLNDepreciation returns the straight-line depreciation allowance of an asset.
SYDDepreciationSYDDepreciation calculates depreciation for an asset.

Converter functions(24)

StringConversion to string
IntegerConversion to integer
BooleanConversion to boolean
RealConversion to real number
NumberToSpellTransfers whole number in to the texts form.
DateTimeToStrDateTimeToStr converts a variable of type TDateTime to a string.
DateTimeToStringDateTimeToString converts a variable to a string using the specified Format.
DateToStrDateToStr converts a variable of type TDateTime to a formatted string.
FloatToStrFloatToStr converts a floating point value to a string.
CurrToStrCurrToStr converts a currency variable to a string.
FormatFloatFormatFloat formats a floating point value.
IntToHexIntToHex returns the hex representation of an integer.
StrToDateStrToDate converts a string to a date format.
StrToDateTimeStrToDateTime converts a string into TDateTime format.
StrToFloatStrToFloat converts given string to a floating-point value.
StrToCurrStrToCurr converts a floating point number to a currency value.
StrToIntStrToInt converts a string representing an integer (decimal or hex notation) to a number.
StrToTimeStrToTime converts a string to a time value.
IntToStrIntToStr converts an integer to a string.
FloatToStrFFloatToStrF converts a floating point value to a string, using a specified Format, Precision, and Digits.
CurrToStrFCurrToStrF converts a currency variable to a string of a specified format.
FormatCurrFormatCurr formats a currency value.
TimeToStrTimeToStr returns a string from a TDateTime variable.
DecToRomanConverts integer value to Roman representation.

Functions with files(18)

ChangeFileExtChangeFileExt changes the file extension.
ExpandFileNameExpandFileName returns the full path of Filename.
ExtractFileDirExtractFileDir extracts the drive and directory parts from FileName.
ExtractFileExtExtractFileExt returns the extension portions of FileName.
ExtractFileNameExtractFileName extracts the name and extension parts of FileName.
ExtractFilePathExtractFilePath returns the drive and directory portions of FileName.
ExtractFileDriveExtractFileDrive returns the drive portion from FileName.
ExpandUNCFileNameExpandUNCFileName returns the full path of FileName with the network drive portion in UNC format.
ExtractRelativePathExtractRelativePath returns a relative path name, relative to a specific base directory.
FileAgeFileAge returns the date-and-time stamp of the specified file.
FileExistsFileExists tests if FileName exists.
GetFileSizeFileSize returns the size of a file in bytes or the number of records in a record file.
FileSearchFileSearch searchs a specified DOS path for a file.
DiskFreeDiskFree returns the number of free bytes on a specified drive.
DiskSizeDiskSize returns the size, in bytes, of the specified drive.
AnsiCompareFileNameAnsiCompareFileName compares file names based on the current locale.
AnsiLowerCaseFileNameAnsiLowerCaseFileName converts a file name to lower case.
AnsiUpperCaseFileNameAnsiUpperCaseFileName converts a file name to upper case.

Different functions(5)

BetweenAccelerated test, if the number is between two values.
BetweenStringsAccelerated test, if the string is between two values.
CondConditional expression - if condition is valid(first parameter), the the result is second parameter, if not, the result is third parameter.
SysErrorMessageSysErrorMessage converts Win32 API error codes into strings.
GetLocaleStrReturns string to local settings of Windows.

Functions under construction


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