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Nov 27 2016

Christmas Discount for all Barcode studio versions. Prices are common, but until 31 January 2017 pay them 40% discount

After this date revert to previous prices (prices in Order page are original, but when you register you get a discount.)

Note : In February 2017 we plan publish new version of Barcode studio 2017. Registered users get free.

Our second homepage

Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.

Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.


Supported methods for print barcode
using PSOFT Barcode studio or Barcode library

Note : direct print/export to image/graphic file don't need any external file. Full source file available.
For use components for another report engine you must of course this engine must be installed, and than our bar code components add into your report engine.

Report tool Description

Direct print

For direct create barcode from Delphi/C++ (no need any additional library/file):
Our Barcode studio contain these methods/procedures:

Paint bar code on the any TCanvas :
procedure PaintBarCode(C:TCanvas; R:TRect; E:TpsBarcodeComponent);
barcode using device context:
procedure PaintBarCodeDC(dc:HDC; R:TRect; E:TpsBarcodeComponent);
paint barcode using any window handle
procedure PaintBarCodeHandle(HWnd:THandle; R:TRect; E:TpsBarcodeComponent);

Report Builder

Report Builder
TpsRBBarcode = class(TppCustomComponent, IpsBarcodeInterface)
Added methods/components:
  • TraTpsRBBarcodeRTTI = class(TraTppComponentRTTI)
  • TpsRBBarcodeControl=class(TppCustomComponentControl)
  • TpsRBBarcodePopupMenu=class(TppComponentPopupMenu)
  • TpsRbDBBarcode = class(TpsRBBarcode)

Fast report

Fast Report
Unit:Source\psReportFast.pas , package BarcodeFastReport.dpk

Added objects/classes:
  • TfrxPsBarcodeObject=Class(TfrxView, IpsBarcodeInterface)
  • TpsFunctions = class(TfsRTTIModule)
  • TfrxPsBarcodeEditor=class(TfrxComponentEditor)
  • TfrxpsBarcodeProperty = class(TfrxClassProperty)
  • TfrxPsQuietZoneProperty=class(TfrxClassProperty)
  • TFrxPsOptionsProperty=class(TfrxIntegerProperty)
  • TFrxPsParamsProperty=class(TfrxClassProperty)
  • TFrxPsCaptionProperty=class(TfrxClassProperty)

Quick report

Quick report
TQrCustomBarcode = class(TQrPrintable, IpsBarcodeInterface)
TpsQrDBBarcode = Class(TpsQrBarcode)

RAVE report

Rave report components
TpsRaveBarcode = ( TRaveControl, IpsBarcodeInterface)
TpsRaveDBBarcode = (TpsRaveBarcode, IpsDataLink)

ACE report

Barcode components for ACE report
TpsACEBarcode=class(TSctLabel, IpsBarcodeInterface);
TpsAceDBBarcode = class(TpsACEBarcode, IpsDataLink)
Package : BarcodeACE.dpk, Unit: Source\psReportACE.pas