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Sep 20 2017

Updated Barcode library prices

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Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.

Are you developer? Can be inform about news, updates? Can you try new versions before official presentation? Not a member yet? Please join us.


Info for registered users

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Barcode studio

Set of Delphi/C++ Builder components (Borland/Embarcadero™)
Enable you create your own barcode, about 50 barcode symbologies supported, like linear, postal, stacked PDF417 and high capacity 2D symbologies DataMatrix and QR Code
Supported is 32/64 bit Delphi/C++ Builder, all version from Delphi7 to Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, of course 64bit is supported only for 64bit compilers...
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Barcode studio
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Barcode studio

Executable demo:

Support for most used report engines :

Note : You need't any external file, this is natural Delphi/Pascal source.
Limitations: Trial version not contain full source files, main file is only as DCU and contain NAG screen. After registration of course you receive full source and and text about trial was removed.
Advantages for registered user:
  • full Delphi/C++ Builder source code
  • free email support
  • all next updates free
  • after registration in our email list you can receive info about updates
Barcode studio in all version contain:
  • TpsBarcodeComponent - non visual version barcode, good for export barcode to graphic file or direct print barcode without visual interface
  • TpsBarcode - visual version of barcode, you can see barcode on screen, set all properties, print, export...
  • for each report engines two components : one for direct print and one with any datasource connection
  • Barcode editor - you can run from source code or in design mode with double click or right click mouse from popup menu. Here you can set all properties of barcode, editor contain links to our web pages with advanced info about all supported barcode symbologies.
  • List/Combo boxes for easy select barcode symbology

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Barcode library

Barcode on Delphi Component palette
Barcode library is set of components for Delphi and C++ Builder.
Same as Barcode studio, but some diffrences:
  • without 64bit support
  • Datamatrix and QR code not implemented
  • very good for older Delphi versions
  • for latest Delphi versions we not make some updates, better solution is use Barcode studio
  • components names are different, this means you can use Studio and Library together
  • Better prices than Barcode studio, but older version
Download Trial version of
Barcode library
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Barcode library

Some graphic examples

2D barcode symbology

QR code (Quick response code)

Example of small QR code Example of QR code in version 10

Datamatrix code

Example of square Datamatrix Example of rectangle Datamatrix

Stacked symbology

PDF417 truncated
PDF417 Micro

Linear barcode symbology

Ean / UPC

InteligentMail, Royalmail
Code 2/5